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Connecting the Tele-health Ecosystem with Intelligence

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Company Overview
We are on a mission to bring healthcare to the patient

We are building a remote health management platform with the belief that healthcare needs to be delivered to patients when, where, and how they need it most.

Our unique approach encourages maximizing patient value by making healthcare delivery more:

  • Available
  • Accessible
  • Intelligent

To achieve this goal, we are building a platform that features connected devices, telemetry apps, AI, and integrations to smooth information exchange and communication with patients.

We are now onboarding early adopters who cater to patients for general health and wellness, pregnancies, or research.

Designed to Connect the Ecosystem

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    Remote Patient Management

    Fast way for patients to collect and share their health data through integrations with medical devices, wearables, and apps. Reach them where they are in a fraction of time and cost, for everyone.

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    Reports, Escalations
    & Alerts

    Singular view of patient's health available to all key participants - the patient, the doctor, and insurance companies. Automated escalations and tracking of treatment and health goals.

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    Real-time data exchange and quick follow-ups with remote patients. Works complimentary to telemedicine and tele-health or any case when the physician or patient cannot be mutually present.

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    Health Information Exchange

    Communication within careteams and with the patient is event driven and natural. Share data and messages securely. No video or scheduling needed.

What We Offer
Our Integrated Solution

All solutions are HIPAA compliant, integrate with certified FDA or CE devices, and adhere to local data privacy laws (by country)

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    Patient App

    For remote patient management, engagement, and monitoring.

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    Healthworker App For nurses, health-workers, and kiosks.

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    Control Center

    For physicians, care teams, researchers, and population health management.

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    APIs For integrating with insurance providers, EMRs, research tools, and databases.


We have both out of the box and custom solutions tailored for a number of conditions and needs. Here are a few of the segments we cater to:

  • Prenatal Care Pregnancy monitoring between follow-ups

    Module for Neonatal monitoring

    Tracking of vitals and symptoms

  • Chronic Care Hypertension, diabetes, and heart diseases

    Monitoring and treatment progress

    ECG, PPG, vitals, and symptoms

  • Health & Wellness Wellness or weight loss plans

    Remote registration and follow-ups

    Health metrics, diagnostics, and vitals

  • Medical Research Population, clinical, and academic research

    Connects to statistical and reporting tools

    Can expand to EMR, HIE, labs, or survey data

We are a global company

Get in touch with us for local partnerships and sales

  • INDIA Join our early release and become early adopter if you are a:

    Research organization

    Tele-health provider

    Wellness provider

  • US Join our early release and become early adopter if you are a:

    Research organization

    Tele-health provider

  • OTHER MARKETS Join our waitlist and we will contact you to discuss a future affiliation

  • FOR MANUFACTURERS If you are a device manufacturer with CE and/or FDA and would like to list your products with us, we would like to here from you. Our only requirements are the device be connected and portable.

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Feel free to reach out with your questions or comments, to join our early release, or to be notified of future announcements.

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